The state of the economy in Westeros and the Free Cities influences the most isolated smallfolk, let alone members of the City Watch. An economy is created when goods or services are bartered for other goods or services, or traded for currency.

Westeros Edit

King's Landing Edit

The economy of King's Landing is largely dependent on trade with the Free Cities and other Westerosi port cities due to its key location on the Narrow Sea.

Dragonstone Edit

Despite Dragonstone's position at the mouth of the Blackwater Bay, its small population prohibits it from being a major trade port.

The Free Cities Edit

Braavos Edit

Braavos is arguably the most important trade port in the world - almost all trade barges going through the Shivering Sea will pass through Braavos, and it is not uncommon for ships as sailing all the way up the Narrow Sea to dock in Braavos before retreating back to the Summer Sea to continue their journey.